Day 22- Sam Fingerhut and the Knesset

By Sam Fingerhut

Today was an extremely fun and impactful day for me being passionate in the Israeli government and Israeli politics for a long time. The day began with a visit to Rabbi Uri Pilichowski’s home in Mitzpe Yericho. Rabbi Pilichowski helped me understand  topics involving settlements and the West Bank that had always left me with confusion and misunderstanding. Now I have a much better understanding of the situation in the West Bank and the settlements and can confidently say that I have the tools to defend my position on the settlements when they are attacked.


The highlight of the day for me was definitely the Knesset. For a long time now I have been closely following Israeli political figures and Knesset activity so this was almost a dream come true for me. I was in awe sitting in the observation seats recognizing all of the Knesset members that I have been following passionately. Watching how the members interact with each other and how the legislative body operates inspired me to the point where I could picture myself there.

The day culminated with a meeting with the deputy minister of defense Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan. I have always followed Dahans  party (The Jewish Home) in the media but today I got what I’ve always wanted, personally being told what an Israeli politician stands for by himself. I have always gotten what Israeli politicians stand for by what is written in the media which confused me because one source would always contradict another but now I have a clear concise answer from the politician himself.

Seeing the Israeli government on TV is incomparable to talking to the politicians in person, and seeing how the only democracy in the Middle East really operates.