Day 23 by Adele Finkelstein and Lauren Greenberg

By: Adele Finkelstein and Lauren Greenberg

Today, TJJA had a lovely five hours with Neil Lazarus. Neil spoke to us about Israel advocacy and taught us how to answer tough questions about Israel authority. We learned that in order to answer the questions you have to follow the A.R.M rule which stands for answer, reframe and message. After speaking to us for two and a half hours, we got on the bus with Neil who took us to two stops. The first one was the check point before Bethlehem and the second one was a look out point ( fill in the name of the look out point) following the tour and lunch, we drove to Save a Child’s Heart which is an organization that takes in sick children from developing countries and brings them to Israel to perform open heart surgery. We had an opportunity to play with the children that were staying at Save a child’s heart. To end off the day, we parted are ways to go off to the free weekend.