Molly Yarbrough’s Carnival Experience

By Molly Yarbrough

Today we ran a carnival for girls from Sderot. I ran a station braiding and styling hair and though it was difficult to communicate, the smiles on their faces made it clear how much happiness and joy we were bringing to their lives. They opened up so quickly to us and I had an amazing time playing and dancing with them. At one point, I took a balloon from one of the girls and started hitting it around. We played catch with it for a while and more girls joined and left, but this one girl stayed the whole time. At the end, she gave me a little hug and we started walking everyone out to the bus. As they got ready to leave and we all started saying our goodbyes, she ran back over to me and gave me the biggest, warmest hug. Though we only met these girls a few hours before, they were all so sad to be leaving, and we felt the same. We gave our last hugs and waved goodbye, and one girl at the end kept shouting “I love you” from the door. We may have only been with these girls for a couple of hours but we made an incredible impact on their summers, and they did the same for us.