BLOG -Summer 2018

Day 29: Eliat of Fun by Romy Ashkenazy

WOW! Today was a day filled with “good fun” – Yehuda. We started off the day on a radical boat that had cushions on the deck!! We all chilled and listened to Bob Marley while tanning and soaking up the sun. The water was as

Day 28: Back Together by Adiv Liebstein

We started off Sunday by meeting up after the free weekend. Everyone was so excited to see each other and resume the trip. We drove down to Eilat and stopped at an indoor rock climbing gym that also had archery, go-karting, and bungee jumping from

Day 20: by Eve Benarousse

Yesterday we met two amazing people, walked and shopped in Ben Yehuda, and we finished at the cave of Rachel. The first speaker was an American who made aliyah and joined the army. He and six other people are the ones communicating with the Arab press.

Day 19: Tisha Be’Av by Olivia Benguigui

Tisha b’Av began with meaningful prayers and solemn poems. This was done in order to help us effectively mourn for the many losses of the Jewish people: important rabbis being killed by terrorists, the destruction of the Second Temple, the Spanish Inquisition, and the torture

Day 18: Shabbat in Tzfat by Eliel Safran

Today was the Shabbat before Tisha Ba’av, a day of mourning. We woke up located in the mountaintop city of Tzfat. It is the Kabbalistic center of the world, rich in beautiful views, and mazes of stone alleyways. It is a home for communities of artists,

Day 17: Going Up to Tzfat by Eric Benaroch

An early wake up this morning meant tired faces and a travel day, but also more time to do activities. As usual the day started with tefilah and workshops but quickly picked up after our first stop at the old city of Tzfat. The smells

Day 16: by Jeremy Ashe

Our first stop of the day was at the Psagot winery, where the desert was cultivated to produce grapes for wine. We saw where the grapes were fermented and aged, in addition to learning about the wine-making process. We saw an amazing film explaining the

Days 14 and 15: Kollel by Jacob Gariepy

Kollel: a far off land where strange boys are dressed in formal attire and forced to study all day, reminiscent of a Pink Floyd music video. Kidding of course, but those kids can study. We started our first day off at Kollel like any good