BLOG -Summer 2018

Day 16: by Jeremy Ashe

Our first stop of the day was at the Psagot winery, where the desert was cultivated to produce grapes for wine. We saw where the grapes were fermented and aged, in addition to learning about the wine-making process. We saw an amazing film explaining the

Days 14 and 15: Kollel by Jacob Gariepy

Kollel: a far off land where strange boys are dressed in formal attire and forced to study all day, reminiscent of a Pink Floyd music video. Kidding of course, but those kids can study. We started our first day off at Kollel like any good

Days 14 and 15: TJJA at Michlelet by Emily Poltorac

Wednesday, July 18th Today was a day defined by sisterhood. After breakfast and morning chaburas, we got into the bus and started our day. First, we dropped off the boys at Kollel before making our way to the Yeshiva that the Michelet girls use during

Day 13: by Emily Schwartz

Starting the day bright and early, we headed out of the beautiful Arad towards our next destination, Tel Aviv. We started out by visiting Save a Child’s Heart in Holon. To see the children that were coming to Israel from other third-world countries such as

Day 11: by Brayden

Wow, I don’t even have words to explain how fantastic today was. My name’s Brayden and today in Israel with my TJJ Ambassadors youth group we did so much. The first thing we did was go on an adventure to the Research and Development agricultural

Day 10: Water Wednesday by Oryah Rudick

Today was a very adventurous day, filled with a lot of water, walking, and fun! Seven o’clock wakeup was a blessing compared to all our other (earlier) days, allowing us to be more awake and ready for our day. We started off our Wednesday with

Day 9: Exploring the Golan by Eliel Safran

Our day began with breakfast washed down with some Torah via small group sessions (our chabura to). Next, we went and watched a short movie called Oz 77 that illustrated the struggles and victories of soldiers during the Yom Kippur war. We all sat in