Day 22: Carnival for Kids from Sderot by Sydney Beberman

We started off the day bright and early tingling with excitement. We were getting ready to prepare a carnival for children who live in Sderot. Sderot is near the Gaza Strip and is constantly under attack, and the opportunity to bring joy to these precious kids is amazing. At the carnival we set up stations with fun games and activities and awaited their arrival. As the kids walked in, they seemed overwhelmed by the music, balloons, and games but as soon the the first water balloon was thrown everyone was running around participating in one huge water and shaving cream fight. Covered from head to toe in water, chocolate, and anything else you can make a mess with, everyone played musical chairs and had a dance party. It was inspiring being able to bring such joy to kids who deal with hardships that we cannot fathom. The carnival was a full day of games, face paint, and fun. As the carnival ended, TJJ Ambassadors and the kids from Sderot alike walked away with a grin on their faces. After all of our hard work that we put into making this day the best possible for the children in attendance, TJJA went to the mall to wind down. At the mall we reflected on the chessed we did today and went shopping. When we got back to the hotel we showered away the chocolate and shaving cream and then went to our chaburot where we learned some Torah. Our night activity was a happy surprise. We started watching a documentary about the Talmud but it turns out that our directors were pulling our legs and we ended up watching Shrek 2! Overall, today was as fun as it was meaningful. Giving back to the people of Israel and being able to see the difference we made was an extremely incredible experience.