Day 29: Eliat of Fun by Romy Ashkenazy

WOW! Today was a day filled with “good fun” – Yehuda. We started off the day on a radical boat that had cushions on the deck!! We all chilled and listened to Bob Marley while tanning and soaking up the sun. The water was as clear as our pee because we drink so much aqua. After about 30 minutes we stopped the boat and put on our SHNORKELS. We saw some big fish and small fish under the water. Then we got back on to the boat and came back to shore safely BH. We then proceeded to WATER SPORTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Banana boating and tubing was exquisite. Don’t be deceived by the name tubing. It was the most frightening thing most of us have experienced our entire lives. Holding on for dear life, praying that the extremely tan boat driver doesn’t leave you in the water after being pushed off by your fellow “as a joke” and ingesting a litre of the salty sea water. Then we walked back to our hotel and found out that most of us had been scorched alive by the sun and her rays. After that, we went to the unique ICE MALL and enjoyed some good shopping, hunting (finding) our advisors and getting our feet eaten by fish while watching Ari ice skate alone. Finally, we needed the day back at the hotel, playing cards and jamming out to our favorite music.