Day 3: A Day in the Old City by Irene Foris

Wow! What an amazing way to start off the trip. Beginning the day at Mount Scopus, we got to see a beautiful panorama of the old city of Jerusalem. I felt overwhelmed by the view, and it was only the morning! Following this, the group had the chance to be archeologists for a bit as we sifted various artifacts from the Temple Mount that got bulldozed with ancient dirt. Our finds included broken off pieces of pottery and coins. It was so fascinating to see the possessions of our ancestors that stand as silent proof of their presence in Israel. Then, we went on a tour of the Old City. Here we did a scavenger hunt (and though my team didn’t win, it was still fun)! Going to the Kotel was my favorite part of the day. Being my first time in Israel, many people asked me throughout the day what my thoughts were. The thing is, I still can’t even explain how it felt to pray at the Western Wall. “Marvelous” doesn’t even come close. What I can put into words is that I can’t wait to go back! Following this, we went to the City of David and explored Hezekiah’s Tunnel (which was claustrophobic, yet a good bonding activity). It was especially fun when we all turned off our flashlights and sang as a group. Finally, we returned back to our hotel and after dinner listened to the story and experience of a lone soldier, giving us a lot to reflect on for tomorrow’s program. This trip has already exceeded my expectations, and this was only the first full day. I’m very excited for what the next few weeks in the homeland have in store!! 🇮🇱😊