Day 5/6: Shabbat in Jerusalem by Maddi Fidler

Shabbos was INCREDIBLE! On Friday night we got to do kaballat shabbat at the Kotel!! It was my first time so it was such an incredible experience. I’m not sure what happened on the guys’ side, but the girls’ side was awesome! We walked down and there was a huge group of girls/women from all over the world in a circle singing songs together. It was so cool to see how even though there were people from all over the world, we could all sing the same songs and share our love for shabbos. We then had a long walk back to the hotel. It was so crazy to see Jerusalem look like the way it did. There were no cars to be seen. Once we got back to the hotel we had dinner and played a game.

On Saturday I woke up early to go to Shul with one of my friends. We had a nice 15 minute walk to the shul. Again, it was insane, no car to be seen. It was really cool to see Jerusalem in that way. Once we got back to the hotel we had kiddush and then played the name game. We then had free time followed by chavrusa learning with whichever advisor we chose. We then had ebbing which was my favorite part. We got to sing a bunch of NCSY songs and it was awesome! Then we had havdallah. Overall Shabbos was great!!