Day 7: A Day of Diversity by Danna Kutcher

Sunday, June 8th started off early and exciting. Leaving our hotel in the morning, we drove straight for Haifa. Once we got there we got to experience the rich culture and learned about the non-Jewish communities in Israel, including the artwork expressed by artists of various cultures and religions at the “Museum Without Walls.” Following this, we viewed the Baha’i Gardens, another example of the differing cultures in Israel and Haifa. Continuing, TJJ Ambassadors got the great experience of touring the city of Tzipori and the interesting Jewish history present there. We finished off the day in our new hotel, where we got to hear Elaine Holstein speak about her son who was killed in a terrorist attack and how she turned a tragedy into something positive to help many people. Overall, this was a unique day filled with ideas and memories I will take with me my whole life.